Gwanga: I’m almost 70 Years, Does it mean I’m stupid?

Mag Gen. Kasirye Gwanga

“I hear young people gossiping about age limit, yapping how Museveni is tired, Is beyond the age of leading Uganda, bla bla. After all those years he has sacrificed for this country? Well I’m almost 70 years now, do I look stupid and hopeless to you? When I look around, You are all my children but You want us to leave, where do you want us to go? Because we are old, how do you want us to leave you our children? I be served in the army for over 45 years, I know how a country can be like without elders and this is what I can’t wish for. If you think you our children will destabilize the peace and security we have, make noise over unnecessary things then we shall punish you, learn to be disciplined!!” This statement was said by veteran army officer Mag Gen. Kasirye gwanga the day he stormed the August House late last year when the verbal clashes between the pro and Anti – Age limit removal camps were at the peak.

The zeal, vigor, Flamboyancy and diction used by the presidential adviser on security affairs in Buganda region is enough to make one tremble, fail to look straight in his eyes or even wonder whether the also enjoys the prominent delicious Luwombo meal.

On the event held at State House earlier this week, He was officially retiring from service, the story was kinda different.

Maj.Gen Kasirye Gwanga looked weak though he was so calm and kept on following proceedings but on mentioning his name so as to step forward to receive his certificate and plaque, everyone realized something was erroneous.

The flashy soldier appeared weak and the look on the faces of some of the army generals was that of pity and anxiety he could not walk freely and had to be assisted by one of his daughters as he proceeded to the front for a handshake from the president.

Maj.Gen Kasirye Gwanga joined the Uganda Freedom Movement later named Freedom and Democracy Movement of Uganda. This was a rebel outfit (about 650 men) fighting Milton Obote’s regime in Mawokota, Mubende, alongside Luweero based National Resistance Army of Yoweri Museveni.

When Obote’s government fell, his successor, Tito Okello Lutwa invited all rebel groups for the Nairobi peace talks. In 1985, the Brigadier refused to join the Tito Okello government. Instead, he joined the National Resistance Movement. He retired from active service in May 2005 but later said he couldn’t handle “civilian” life. He was the Mubende district chairperson from 2006 to 2011.

He finally retired from the force on Wednesday along with Maj.Gen. Joshua Masaba, Maj.Gen.Ali Kiiza, Maj.Gen.Hussein Adda, Maj.Gen James Ssebaggala, Maj.Gen John Mateeka, Brig.Jacob Musajjawaza, Brig.Yowasi Kiiza, Brig.Stephen Othieno, Brig.Olanya Ojata and Brig.Mark Ayiasi Kodili.

Gwanga is one of the few patriotic officers Uganda has ever had.

Long live Maj.Gen Kasirye Gwanga.





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