I cannot Kill Anite, I know How to Put Girls into Good Use- Rukutana

Deputy Attorney General Rukutana Mwesigwa has denied being one of the “mafias” with intention to kill State minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite over Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL).

Anite on Monday accused mafia of plotting to kill her for exposing the fraud in UTL. She added that those who blocked UTL audit are the mafias and enemies of this country. Among them are UTL administrator Bemanya Twebaze, PSST Keith Muhakanizi, Rukutana and others.

In an interview with the Observer, Rukutana retaliated saying that he cannot waste time killing a young girl like Anite yet he can put her into “good use.”
“If it occurred to her that I could be a murderer then we should get her to Butabika and get her head checked. Why would I murder a girl anyway? I cannot kill Anite. I know how to put girls to some other good use,” Rukutana said as quoted by the Observer.

Rukutana is one politician who has reportedly sired many kids with different babes. He is currently in a polygamous marriage. During the age limit petition hearing, lawyer Male Mabirizi petitioned the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe to withdraw Justice Elizabeth Musoke from the panel of judges handling the petition because she had reportedly fathered a child with Rukutana.

The Minister however described the allegation as false, malicious, unfounded and defamatory.

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