Stay Out of My Way, Amelia Kyambadde Warns ‘Aggressive’ Hilderman

Minister for trade Hon. Amelia Kyambadde has underscored how she is likely to bounce back to parliament come 2021.

Speaking in a televised interview, Amelia noted that she is strong both nationally and on the ground.

Amelia is likely to battle with famous Afro-beat singer Hillary Kiyiga aka Dr. Hilderman for the Mawokota North seat.

On commenting about him, Amelia described Hilderman of the People Power pressure group as a small boy who can’t threaten her in anyway.

Kyambadde says the Mazongoto singer is so ungrateful yet she has done a lot for him. “I have done so much for him. I paid for the Amelia song in 2011 which took him places. I supported his family and will continue doing so because I feel we need to continue nurturing these young people. We will not be there forever,” she is quoted as saying.

Amelia says there is a lot she has done and even Kiyaga’s claim that she rarely speaks on the floor doesn’t hold water because she is a Minister who is bound by the collective responsibility doctrine.

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