VIDEO: Why Police Deported ‘Pro-Bobi Wine’ South African Musician Chaka Chaka

South African singer Yvone Chaka Chaka deported from Uganda back to South Africa.

According to Uganda police say she had an ordinary visa instead of a working visa yet she had come to perform.

The Ukomboti singer was expected to headline the annual Buganda Kingdom Music Fest dubbed Enkuunka.

This event happens at Lubiri Grounds, where a thread of musicians perform for the King of Buganda Kingdom Kabaka Ronald Muteebi together with his subjects.

The show is co-organized by one Abby Musingunzi commoly known as Abtex Promotions, a renown music and events promoter who one time confessed maximum hate and disrespect of President Yoweri Museveni.

Even if you presented a goat on the same ballot paper with president Museveni, I would honestly vote the goat instead of that man.” Abtex said that statement while appearing on Spark TV 21 Questions segment telecasted during Live Wire Show.

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