Being a leader under dictatorship, so frustrating – Nyanjura

Doreen Nyanjura being arrested by police recently

Makerere University KCCA councilor Doreen Nyanjura has decried the level of lawlessness and dictatorship in the country.

Nyanjura highlights the frustrations they go through as opposition leaders, where they table issues of National importance but they always land on deaf ears.

“Being an elected leader under a dictatorship is very frustrating, the only thing you can get are allowances ,salaries and may be a title; you can’t represent your voters, all the rich views, policies and proposals are ignored; power belongs to the Dictator.” Passionately wrote on Facebook page.

She however doesn’t give up but instead calls upon join the struggle if they are to enjoy their county.

“Please Ugandans don’t count or rely on us elected politicians, we are powerless; the councilors don’t have powers, Parliament doesn’t have powers. Wake up and liberate yourselves Ugandans.”


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