People of Kasese in wounds because of Gov’t – Besigye


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) former presidential Candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has decried the rate at which the ruling party has misled the citizens.

Speaking to Journalists at his office located on Katonga Road in Kampala, Besigye added that there is need to reconcile our people since they have all been wounded by what he described as the ‘Military regime’.

“Ugandans are all wounded both politically, financially, Socially, name them; People of Northern Uganda have their wounds, Buganda has its wounds, those of Kasese have wounds that the government is not even bothered with healing them.” Besigye said.

Besigye added the its high time the military state gets overthrown and people regain their power and control of the country.

He climaxed challenging the people who assume that without him, there is no opposition, citing that Ugandans are only interested in Change not individuals.

“You all remember what happened in Kyadondo East recently, we tried telling people to re-vote Kantinti, They did not because they saw one who would bring change in the area and regardless of the political parties, People solidly voted my Brother Kyagulanyi”. He added.

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