Stop bragging, Museveni doesn’t appoint Ministers on merit, Nakuya tells off Kamya

Aidah Nakuya X Hon. Betty Kamya

The former KCCA councilor Aidah Nakuya has opened guns towards the Minister of Kampala Hon. Betty Kamya over the statement she uttered during the weekend about President Museveni’s wisdom.

On Saturday minister Kamya told one of the media houses that the Head of State President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the wisest person and a gift from God for Uganda.

She never left it at that, Kamya also added that Museveni is wiser than all the 80 ministers combined, something that fueled mixed reactions in and around Kampala.

Speaking to the Insider, the former Kampala district woman MP Aspirant advised Kamya to stop misleading the people saying that Museveni only appoints Ministers on loyalty not merit.

“Museveni does not appoint ministers because they are intelligent. He only considers how loyal such persons are to him than the intellect and merit”. She said.

Nakuya added that regardless of the sweet words NRM populists are using to describe the man who has ruled Uganda for over 3 decades, the issue of getting rid of him still stands.

“Please Betty Kamya don’t reduce Ugandans squatters. You know the truth very well that Museveni must go” Nakuya added.

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