These KCCA Ministers are indeed sick – FDC youth leader

Daily Monitor Cartoon by by Atukwasize Chris Ogon

Forum for Democratic Change’s Henry Chemba has said that the manner in which the constitution is being amended is undemocratic and uncalled for.

Putting in consideration the KCCA act aimed at curtailing the Lord Mayor’s powers, Chemba told the Insider that he wonders whether President Museveni thinks that amending the constitution will enable him win in Kampala.

The energetic youth leader added that Government needs to know that Elias Lukwago will never be Kampala Mayor forever therefore amending the law to fight an individual is equivalent to urinating in lake expecting to make it flood.

“Surely when I look at this Namugwanya Woman from Mubende yapping I wonder, fighting the Lord Mayor will not make Museveni win Kampala. How do you say that the lord mayor will have 3 roles, Receiving Visitors, presiding over Ceremonies and opening and closing council 2 times a year” Chemba said.

Surely this is political witch hunt, these People think Lukwago will be Lord Mayor forever, and Kamya think she will be minister for Kampala till death. These illegitimate so called Ministers are indeed sick, He added.


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