Experts Call for Proper Analysis of PPP Law, Projects to attract Investors

For Uganda to be able to finance its investments, it needs to raise capital from the private sector because currently, the private sector has played a huge role in eradicating poverty, unemployment, and also improving on the different social services in the country.

Currently, the government has decided to put some of its projects into Public Private Partnerships and such projects include the Entebbe express highway and Entebbe International Airport which are worth 4 billion dollars.

Nonetheless, for government to ensure that it is able to corporate with the private sector, it has to ensure that the structuring of the private public partnerships is well balanced and that PPP law if properly implemented will be able to deliver government projects. This will be able to attract investors to take on these government projects.

‘All stakeholders have to be carefully managed, educate, communicated to and capacity built.’ Says Phillip Karugaba, lawyer, Infrastructure and energy as he comments about the implementation of the PPP law.

However, business experts say that even if government decides to transfer its projects to the private sector, these projects should be profit oriented since private sectors aim at gaining profits mainly.

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