I had never seen Ugandans begging for food till M7 regime – Matembe

Miria Matembe

Former minister of ethics Hon. Miria Matembe has called upon Ugandan legislators embark on Godliness instead of selling the country to an Individual.

Speaking while appearing on KFM recently, Matembe noted that lawmakers should not accept to be held at ransom by Greedy leaders.

She added that every sensible person should not support life presidency but it’s a meaning less move only motivated at strengthening the Museveni Empire.

“Museveni is so obsessed with power and willing to do everything possible to remain president till death. I am so deeply pained about age limit and those supporting it need to know that they are burying our beautiful country.” Metembe said.

Matembe made it clear that she would rather standalone while fighting for the truth and Justice.

“A king is never saved by the number of soldiers and what you must know is that there is nothing that has be and will never be.”

Disappointed Matembe says that she has seen dictators and is so sure that Museveni will also soon go.


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