I want to be minister too – Abiriga

Abiriga receiving shows from President

Arua municipality lawmaker has thrown the country in shock when he revealed that he is not happy with the way the ruling party is running the State.

Speaking to this website at the Liberation day ceremony in Arua, Abiriga says its high time president rewarded him for a job well-done.

He claims that he has sacrificed a lot for his stay in power and is the first person to start the campaign that advocated for the removal of age limit from the constitution, a law that was baring president museveni from seeking re-election come 2021.

He says he has received multiple threats and been punched by locals and even lawmakers in attempts to fight for regime survival but he gets shocked that he has not yet received any special reward besides the shoes he got in parliament during the State of the Nation’s address.

Abiriga says he does not care which ministry or position will get but he also deserves to be given priority since he deserves it.

“I have enemies from enemies from Kampala to Arua even in places I don’t know, but I have not yet been considered for the sacrifice i have made for president Museveni. I don’t care where they put me, but I need to be rewarded for preaching age limit bill.” He says.

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