MP Fungaroo Exposes MPs Guarded By SFC, Army

Kaps Hassan Fungaroo

Kaps Hassan Fungaroo, Obongi County MP in Moyo district has sought answers from the Office of the Prime Minister why some MPs are being guarded by Special Force Command (SFC), an elite presidential guard.

SFC is also a specialized component of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) tasked with carrying out specialized missions or operations at a moment’s notice.

FDC’s Fungaroo on Wednesday lamented on the floor of parliament why some MPs are receiving special security treatment at the expense of others.

He revealed that of late he has been receiving threats with some unknown people trailing him on his way back home in Mutungo.

“I raise on a serious matter on my security and that of MPs and VIPs in general. I am receiving threats, anonymous calls, people following me. My question is, what is the policy on the protection of VIPs in Uganda?”

“We have people who are protected by the police, some by the army, others by SFC, others are protected by the airforce. I need to know what people like us should do to get personal protection,” Fungaroo said.

During the age limit debate, several NRM MPs who were protagonists of this controversial Bill were given security personnel to protect them. Among them include; Raphael Magyezi, Ibrahim Abiriga, Peter Ogwang, among others.

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