Mowzey Radio will never be replaced by anyone- Chagga

Late Mowzey Radio with his manager Chagga

Goodlyfe manager and singer, Chagga Godfrey has denied all the claims of replacing the late Radio Mowzey with Wendy Thelma.

Wendy Thelma is a young lady who just recently gained fame by making a tribute to the late Radio that She sang well something that amused very many radio lovers hence suggesting her as a replacement for the Remember me singer.

However, the Goodlyfe crew has come out to assure the public that the legacy of Radio cannot be replaced by anyone.

“Radio left a huge legacy that we can’t just replace. He was a man of his own voice and music for anyone to come from nowhere and take over his place. He is a legend who is still alive with his music and we cannot do away with him,” said Chagga.

However, Chagga has accepted that Wendy has talent which can be welcomed to the Goodlyfe music and they can support her to independently grow up into a big star with her voice.

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