Community policing, Vigilance redeems Namugongo resident from gun point

Recovered pistol

As it has always become a song of emphasizing community policing and Vigilance our neighborhoods, residents of Mbalwa – Namugongo, Kira Division managed foil a housebreak in by goons holding an old star pistol with six rounds.

The incident unfolded last night shortly before 4 a.m. when three men forced their way into the victim’s home.

It is said that one of the suspects grabbed the victim, held a gun to his head, and threatened to kill him. The man then started screaming.

Neighbors heard the man’s screams, called the area police who responded immediately and entered the victim’s home to rescue the situation an act that startled the suspects. The three men fled the home without taking anything.

The victim said the suspects were all men in their mid-20s, tall, with heavy builds, wearing masks and black clothing.

Officers searched the neighborhood with a police dog but were unable to find the suspects but were able to recover an old star pistol loaded with six rounds of ammunition. Our team lifted up the fingerprints and have since been submitted to our forensics lab in collaboration with NIRA which will help in ascertaining the culprits that abandoned it.

The victim was not seriously injured in the incident. Police says the incident remains under investigation.


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