Kasingye in community engagements on security   

AIGP. Asan Kasingye has called upon all police commanders in Kampala Metropolitan Area to enhance community engagement in order to get acquainted with the security concerns of residents.

While speaking at a meeting organised by International Organization for Migration in Kisenyi, the Uganda Police Force Chief Political Commissar Asan Kasingye advised the Commander KMP CP. Kafeero Moses to ensure all area OC’s DPC’s and RPC’s heed to this call.

“RPC’s, DPC and OC’s should reach out to communities especially in slum areas as a measure of preventing crime and finding out the pressing security needs of the masses especially the youth,the vulnerable “,he said.

Kasingye said the partnership with International Organization for Migration will help involve the communities in preventive measures against crime,help police to design counter measures and be abreast with early warning mechanisms and build conflict resolution mechanisms that will help prevent violence in slum communities.

He stressed that knowing people’s concerns eliminates operational errors like arresting of innocent citizens which demeans and tarnishes police image.

AIGP Kasingye observed and informed CP. Kafeero to open an investigation into the illegal activities by some officers at Clock Tower Police Station following complaints of mistreatment raised by various speakers.

SCP. David Wasswa from Counter Terrorism Directorate also called upon the youth to desist from engaging into terrorism related activities because they are potential targets by extremists.

Given that slum communities are highly vulnerable to crime due to poverty levels and living conditions. The women and children are vulnerable to personal crime, while the youth can be forced to commit crimes such as drugs due to poverty levels.


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