Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny Fall Off Stage While Performing In Tanzania

Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny fell of the stage while giving an electric performance in Mandela Stadium, Sumbwanga, Tanzania.

The duo were performing together with Wasafi signee Mbosso when the unstable stage caved in, causing them to fall in the set up stage. 

However, many people said that the singer used a lot of uncalled for energy as he was busy jumping on stage hyping the crowd together with Rayvanny and Mbosso before the wooden stage gave way and he fell into a hole.

No serious injuries were reported during the incident even though the duo received minor scratches and bruises.

Diamond’s new girlfriend, Tanasha was quick to wish her boyfriend a quick recovery and feel sorry for the incident.

“Woooiii so sorry my baby” she wrote.

However, some fans even tried to reach out to the injured musicians in a desperate attempt to save them. Their security detail forced its way to the stage and struggled to save the troubled musicians. After a few minutes, the pair emerged from the wreck and waved to the crowd. Soon after, it was business as usual and the concert went on like there was no incident. 

It should be noted that the Wasafi Festival was meant to happen at at Mandela Stadium on Saturday but heavy rains caused the organizers to cancel the show.

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