Dr. Hilderman To Stage Bitter Fight With Minister Kyambadde Over Mawokota North MP Seat

The Amelia Hitmaker, Hillary Kiyaga aka Dr Hilderman is set to meet with the trade minister Amelia Kyambadde over the future of Mawokota North constituency. However, according to our sources, the minister is not yet ready to give up the seat which is allegedly causing tension between the two friends.

According to Hilderman, he says that the old people should learn to give way to the youths so that they can also take over leadership since it is now their time.

“Retirement is a culture we want to teach our old leaders. They need to give way for young blood to take on leadership,” he said.

Hilderman says that he is planning to meet with his old time friend Hon. Kyambadde so that he can convince her to retire. Hilderman emphasizes that he believes in peaceful measures and will advocate for them.

” We need to have a healthy competition. Since she is my friend, I’m going to meet her face to face, tell her my intentions and also convince to retire,” he said.

Hon. Kyambadde, Hilderman’s longtime friend, has been the area Member of Parliament since 2011 and according to Hilderman it’s high time she gave up the seat come 2021.

n 2018, the ‘Amelia’ hit singer disclosed his intentions of ousting the legislator in the next general elections.

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