Newly Introduced Anti Mosquito Paint Demand Excites Manufacturers ‘Plascon’

Uganda’s leading paint manufacturers Kansai Plascon has expressed their sincere excitement with the increasing demand for the newly introduced Ati-Mosquito paint.

Speaking to the Media early this morning, Mr. Chris Nugent, the managing director Kansai Plascon said the Ugandans especially in Northern Uganda have fully embraced the product, aimed at backing the Zero Malaria vision by the government of Uganda.

The Plascon Anti-Mosquito Paint was first launched in Zambia and statistics have already started registering a reduction in malaria infections something that has inspired the manufacturers to procure more raw materials to see that at least 1 million liters of paint is produced on a monthly basis.

The Anti-Mosquito paint is premium quality acrylic emulsion paint for interior use that is designed to kill mosquitoes which land on painted surfaces.

 “70% of malaria deaths involve children under the age of five, making malaria prevention an urgent need in Africa. As part of the “Hold my hand to 5” initiative, Plascon will donate Anti-Mosquito paint to underprivileged schools across the country. By partnering with government, NGOs and the private sector, the “Help me get to 5” campaign will have a bigger, more enduring impact,” Mr. Chris Nugent said.

The Plascon Brand Manger East Africa Ms. Koni Lungi also revealed that Statistics released by Malaria No More, an organization dedicated to eradicating the disease show that a 10% decrease in malaria has been associated with a 3% rise in GDP citing that reducing Malaria will keep children in school, allow parents to work, and reduce spending on medication and healthcare. Malaria No More also reports that the disease is the biggest killer of children below the age of five.

“Kansai Plascon’s Anti-Mosquito paint is the only product of its kind. It has been approved by all the local bodies necessary including; the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs the National Drug Authority, National Environment Management Authority, and National Health Research Authority. It is lead-free, a low emission product that can be used anywhere, which makes it the ideal way to put people at ease if they are living in or visiting a high-risk malaria area,” Ms. Koni Lungi said.

The Ministry of Health Public Relations Officer Ms. Nansamba Odiirah said that government is fully excited with the introduction of this paint that has revamped the zeal to kickout the disastrous Malaria infections in the shortest time possible.

She added that adding this paint on the existing prevention campaigns, the Anti-Mosquito paint will optimistically reduce the numbers of malaria infections and deaths in the country.

Uganda has the sixth highest number of annual deaths from malaria in Africa, as well as some of the highest reported malaria transmission rates in the world, with approximately 16 million cases reported in 2013 and over 10,500 deaths annually. In addition, malaria has an indirect impact on the economy and development in general. 

Ms. Nansamaba added that there are ongoing negotiations between the ministry and other stakeholders like Plascon to ensure that this great product is made available to all Ugandans at fair prices.

About Kansai Plascon:

Kansai Paint, based in Japan, is a top ten coatings company globally, it is the largest supplier of original equipment auto paints in the world. It has world-leading research & development facilities in Japan, India and South Africa, which continually drive innovation and excellence in the paint environment. 

On the 4th of August 2017 Kansai Plascon brand was launched in Uganda. With the global backbone, Plascon Uganda has the ability to leverage existing partnerships and expertise to maintain and build upon its market expertise which have been built over its 50year operational existence in the country.

Plascon is widely accepted as the trusted quality throughout Africa and is the largest paint brand in Southern Africa.

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