14 Detained Over William Street Mosque Takeover By UMSC

Yesterday, the joint security team witnessed the takeover of the Muslim properties in Central Division, Kampala by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

The Government of Uganda reached out to the people who had acquired the properties and they had an understanding to have the properties to be returned to Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

According to the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, police was in the area to provide security for the smooth hand over and takeover of the properties by the rightful owners.

In the process, security arrested 14 suspects who were resisting the takeover of the properties by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

“They have been detained in various police stations within Kampala Metropolitan Police. They will be charged with various offences but not limited to obstruction, threatening violence, criminal trespass and embezzlement.” Onyango stated in a statement.

onyango added, “We want to inform the general public that William street mosque and the tenants who have been operating from the properties will not be affected. They will continue to pay their obligations to the new management ( Uganda Muslim Supreme Council).”

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