Former Uganda Journalist Association President Shot Dead

Police in Uganda is investigating circumstances under which Robert Kagolo, a journalist attached to Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) was shot dead on Thursday evening ahead of Press Freedom Day.

Kagolo, a former president of the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) was returning from the burial of his brother who was kidnapped and killed last week.

According to a statement from the police, the murder by shooting of Kagolo took place at around 8:00 pm at Bugembegembe, Nansana in Wakiso District following a brief confrontation with Local Defence Unit (LDU) officers.

“It is alleged, that, while Robert Kagolo was returning from the village after the brother’s burial, he hurriedly entered the late’s home which was being guarded by LDU personnel after he suspected that some people were following him and he knocked the gate with his motor vehicle while gaining entrance,” said Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire.

“It is from there that a disagreement between him and two LDU personnel who were guarding the home started, unfortunately, the disagreement led to a shooting of which the circumstances are being investigated, the victim was later rushed to ST Joseph Hospital Wakiso where he succumbed to the injuries sustained,” the statement continues.

The shooter has been identified as Mamuli Rashid and consequently arrested together with his LDU colleague.

According to sources, Kagolo’s family had hired the LDU’s to oversee their protection and that of their family property while they were away for burial.

It is therefore not clear why the same LDU shot him.

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