Musician; Don’t buy Cute Kaye an expensive coffin, help him now

Singer Cute Kaye

Former Nansana Municipality Member of Parliament aspirant Ssemakula Rajab Kaaya has called upon Ugandans to always rush to help the needy.

Rajab made this comment following this morning’s saga that saw musician Cute Kaaye involved in theft. Cute Kaaye was found stealing car indicators and lights in Busega something that several people have considered as a laughable matter.

The FDC regional leader implored top musicians like Jose Chameleon, Bobi Wine, Ragga Dee, Bebe Cool Geffory Lutaaya, among others to redeem their partner from the crisis rather than talking sweet words and buying an expensive coffin to burry him.

He added that what happened to singer is something that can happen to another artist since money is like guest, that comes and goes.

Singer Cute Kaaye headlined the list of best RnB artists in Uganda, accumulated some good wealth and even became a leader but run so bankrupt to an extend of parting ways with his wife.


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