PHOTOS: The Fashion, Dance And Ajono at the Prestigious Teso Heritage celebrations

The 5th Teso Heritage Day celebrations at Boma grounds in Kumi District.  The celebrations ran under the theme ‘Unity is the Key to Development’.

The Teso Heritage Day celebrations brings together Itesots  from the regions of Teso, Karamoja, Turkana in Kenya and other areas to forge unity and celebrate their rich culture through dance and folk singing.

The President told the jubilant crowds In his address that in order to have a strong Africa, modernity should be mixed with tradition.

Museveni also congratulated the people of Teso Sub-Region in Eastern Uganda for uniting and creating linkages between the people of Africa from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Congo through the cultural celebrations they hold.

Below are some of the amazing pictures from the event.



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