Stop Defying Party Positions or You’ll be Dealt With- Nankabirwa Warns NRM Rebel MPs

Government Chief Whip Hon Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu has warned NRM rebel MPs who continuously defy party positions. Nankabirwa has vowed to deal with them and if all goes to the worst, they will be kicked out of the party.

This was revealed by NRM spokesperson, Roger Mulindwa in a press statement about the ongoing NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi which kicked off today.  

“Nankabirwa has warned MPs against acting contrary to the caucus position without leave of the Government Chief Whip,” the statement reads.

“She further warned those issuing statements or documents pertaining to the deliberations of the caucus to the media and the general public without permission plus those supporting positions of other political parties contrary to the objectives and policies of NRM.”

This comes after NRM rebel MPs led by Monicah Amoding, John Baptist Nambeshe, Gaffa Mbwatekamwa recently vowed to sue the NRM Party after the NRM CEC endorsed Museveni as sole candidate. These 7 NRM rebel MPs have gone contrary to most of the party positions including voting against the Age limit Bill and Mobile money tax Bill.    

Nankabirwa was this Thursday speaking at the NRM Parliamentary Caucus retreat going-on at the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi.

She also revealed that her office has introduced new method of tracking parliamentary performance. She did not however give details adding, “These will be discussed in much more detail during our next meeting with the Committee Chairpersons after issuing them with copies for internalization.”

This comes after Parliament introduced Bill tracking Application-Uganda Bungeni that is intended to track the processing of Bills on committee stage to avoid delays.

On the other hand, Nankabirwa has commended the legislators for their active participation during plenary and committee meetings. Currently, Parliament has in this session passed a total of 14 Bills and Nankabirwa has attributed this existing team work among different stakeholders. Among the Bills passed so far include; Constitution Amendment Bill, 20017, African Export-Inport Bank Agreements Bill, 2018, Appropriation Bill, 2018, Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill, 2018, Income Tax Bill, 2018, Data Protection & Privacy Bill, 2015, Civil Aviation Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2017, Cooperative Societies (Amendment) Bill, 2016, Human Rights (Enforcement) Bill, 2015 and Mental Health Bill, 2014. 

The Bills not yet assented to by the President include; The Uganda Wildlife Bill 2017, The Sugar Bill 2016, The Minimum Wages Bill 2015 and the National Biotechnology Bill 2012.

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